Beware of fraudulent input screens. Never enter more than three confirmation numbers.

About Logon ID
A logon ID is an ID used to log on to the Direct Banking Service.
- If you have forgotten your logon ID, click "If you forgot your logon ID" above to reset your ID.
- To change your logon ID, log on and then go to "Customer Service".
Note: If you logged on before January 14, 2014, but have not changed your logon ID after that date, your logon ID is the customer ID on the back of your cash card. (If you have difficulty logging on, click "If you forgot your logon ID" to reset your logon ID.)
About Logon Password
A logon password is used for logging onto Direct Banking Service.
Only enter a logon password that has 6 to 32 alphanumeric (single byte) characters (A logon password comprising only letters or only numbers cannot be set. In addition, you cannot set a password that includes your date of birth or registered telephone number, which is easily guessed).
Note that when you enter the logon password, it is case-sensitive.
If you forget your logon password, you can reset it from "If you forgot your logon password (or if your password has expired)" above.
*Avoid a password that can be easily guessed by others, such as your name, the same numeric characters repeated, or your vehicle license plate number.
*In order to prevent unauthorized transactions, change your "Logon Password" regularly. Change your logon password by logging on and following the procedure in "Customer Service."
How to Set Cookies
In utilizing the Internet Banking Service, be sure to turn on the setting of Cookie on the browser.
What is Direct Banking Service?